Panoramamania and a Bluebell up me shnozle!

Twas a great day for blundering about with Mr Nikon yesterday. Found meself out in the woods a scarin furry critters with my special woodlands tourettes. Went out to some lovely old woodlands and once I had cleared out all the wildlife got some great images of  beds of bluebells.

Now to be honest I’m not a great fan of flowers, I used to work as a forester and if it wern’t a tree it were a weed! However, a woodland carpeted in bluebells or snowdrops is in my humbles is a truly beautiful sight. And I got a proper faceful yesterday. I even got one up me hooter as I got right down to the deck to check out all the angles,(fell over again) which resulted in a good couple of minutes of  one nostril tramp snotting as I tried to dislodge the insecty critter that had been sunning itself upon the aforementioned flower, I bet he had a story or two to tell the larva’s when he got home.

I took several shots with a view to stitchin them together in to panoramas when I got back. I think that they turned out pretty well seeing as they were all hand held, due to the fact that I’m a lazy arse.

Bluebells in Captains Wood ©LeeThornberry 2012
Path through the Bluebells Captains wood ©LeeThornberry 2012
Bluebells in Woodland clearing. ©LeeThornberry 2012

This one is of the the fens up in Cambridgeshire from the other morning. I think that I may have to set up a new image gallery on my website for panoramas so that you can zoom in on them to get more detail. I think here on the old bloggy blog blog you will have to click on the individual images to get a larger image.

19 Replies to “Panoramamania and a Bluebell up me shnozle!”

    1. Yes thats the only real problem with this theme, with the gubbins to the side it limits the image size, but if it twas at the bottom it would be a helluva scroll 🙂

  1. Nice shots. I’m a fan of the bluebells too!!! Nice stitching technique as well. Can you repair holes in the knees of my jeans?

  2. I’ve been trying to get by to catch up with what you’ve been posting and I’m glad I did today. Clicking on this post I gave audible WOW! I’m sure my husband must have heard it in the next room. Funny about the bug … I have to be careful not to swallow them when I’m breathing hard while riding my bike up the hills here. I almost choked on a big flying bug once. It got halfway down and I couldn’t cough it up. I pictured it squirming its way down to my stomach. Yuck!

    1. I have inadvertantly swallowed so many bugs and critters whilst a blundering about in the woods that if I were to stop I’m sure my body would go into withdrawl! Cheers 🙂

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