Moody Mono. . . Erm . . . Wednesday?

Was a goin through the images I fell over and took whilst up at Wicken the other weekend. Of which there were far too many. I tend, for the most part, be an opportunistic ambush happy snapper, I will blunder off with no real fixed plan and blatt away with clueless abandon until my finger hurts, and then go look for food.

On the other hand I suppose that these little fun trips could also be classed as Photo reconnaissance missions, as I often find a view, or object, or area of interest that I think, Mmmm! righty that would look good in low light, or dawn, or dusk, and then I will plan a more organised grumpymonkey outing for another day. I do plan shoots, but a lot of the time its just about gettin out and havin fun!

Well anyhoo I was trawling through reams of  general photo fodder with my finger firmly placed on the delete button, when I hadda thought. Once I’d come around and picked meself up off the floor, I thought that it was a pretty good thought. What the thought was that I thought was, What a bloody waste! Why not have a bash at doing something interesting with some of the photo fodder that you are sacrificing to the ether with out giving it a chance.

Take the first image below for example. It ain’t a terrible shot, it just hasn’t got anything about it that makes give it much of a second look. It kinda lacks any drama or atmosphere, I mean its just a handheld blatt that I thought may work and sadly didn’t.  So I decided to have a fiddle.

Ely from Wicken. Before ©LeeThornberry 2012

I opened it up and played around until I thought, yep thats got more about it. I think its pretty atmospheric now. I slung them sliders all over the shop. I even, after toning it down a bit, reintroduced some haloing ( and haloing generally sucks )around the cathedral, as it kind of works with the sunbeams that have just been made visible with the grainy effect.

Yeppity I like that, so I’m a gonna hang on to it. . . . .   Thinks to self, hang on, Ive got fahsands and fahsands (mock cockeny) of these to go through (the result of being a lazy Git) Now I’ve made a rod for my own back! . . . . . . . . . . . . Runs to end of garden to eat worms at the very thought of hours and hours of processing ahead!

Ely from Wicken. After ©LeeThornberry 2012

Next time that I have a thought I need to think about it a bit more, Bugger this one’s stuck! Ho Hum! Happy Snapping Folks 🙂

18 Replies to “Moody Mono. . . Erm . . . Wednesday?”

    1. Only been to Ely once, earlier this year to the beer festival at the maltings, where they ran out of ale by 16.30. Couldnt organise a piss up at a beer festival :oD Very picturesque down by the river.

      1. They should be shot for that! The Cambridge one is on the go. Had a few tipples last night and found myself needing a dodgy kebab after. Ends on Saturday and they had more beer than I have ever seen. On Jesus Green if you do go.

        1. Lots of festivals this weekend. Locally to me is the Dove’s own beer festival in Ipswich which is normally a corker, and then the East Anglian Beer Festival at the Museum of East Anglian life up in Stowmarket. Spoiled for choice and hopefully none of em will run out of ale :oD

  1. Isn’t it great when you get a peasant surprise like this??? It doesn’t happen often enough. Great improvement.

  2. Excellent stuff, Lee! The mono shot is definitely better – and what about taking out some of the foreground – what about the area of the white flowers? >>> but not any of the sky! >>> to give it more of a letterbox format? I greatly enjoy your posts! Adrian

  3. Excellent – converting to mono worked brilliantly! And interesting comments….. I must go through some of my old shots – there may be a decent black & white shot lurking somewhere.

    1. Cheers 🙂 Yes I did think about it, but the more I looked at it the more I liked the”Strata” Layered effect that it has leading up to the sky. Cheers for takin a peep 🙂

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