Shiny SeaShells On the Sea Shore!

I got some nice early morning shots of Maggi Hamblings sculpture on Aldeburgh beach t’other morning. It catches the morning light something lovely and goes through a whole range of metallic shades as it reflects the light. Supposedly a “controversial” sculpture it has built up a following of some pretty determined vandals, Vandalised 13 times so far, Personally I think it’s an asset to the location. Being a lover of the old sea food I’d love to see a real scallop that size. That’d give that bloke on Β Man Vs Food a run for his money eh!

19 Replies to “Shiny SeaShells On the Sea Shore!”

  1. It’s really beautiful and if the vandals are caught (which they never are), I suggest immediate and harsh punishment of 20 years of community service.

    1. They think its one particularly disgruntled local resident of Aldeburgh who objected to a man made object spoiling their view of the beach . . . but nothing proven so far πŸ™‚

  2. Nicely captured.

    Your “Benjamin Britten” tag made me laugh. I understand the Aldeburgh connection, but with your stated love of seafood I can’t help thinking of “Albert Herring.”

  3. What a wonderful sculpture! I particularly like the second and third shots – I like the space around the shell in the second but prefer the color and ‘clean’ horizon in the third.

    1. Cheers! I love the way it reflects the changing light of the golden hours, seems to be different every day. Must try and see what a sunset does to it with the sea in the background.

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