Ladies in Pants on a Clergyman

Ladies in pants on a clergyman I hear you gasp . . . . On an Abbott no less!  . . .  In fact an Abbot FV433 105mm Self Propelled Gun. Now thats not something you see everyday, well if it is I’m in the wrong job!

Tank Commander. FocxShoot.  ©LeeThornberry 2012
Sentry. FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012
Crew1 FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012
Crew2 FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012
Crew3 FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012
Crew4 FocxShoot. ©LeeThornberry 2012
Crew5 FocxShoot. ©LeeThornberry 2012

32 Replies to “Ladies in Pants on a Clergyman”

  1. Great pictures, yet again. I notice your surprise at the name of the AFV. There has been a long history of assigning ecclesiastical titles to heavy ordnance. There was the Bishop, a 25 Pounder mounted on a Valentine tank chassis: the M3 Priest, based on the American Lee tank chassis: the Sexton, based on a Canadian version of the M4 Sherman, and mounting a 25 Pounder. There was also an armoured command vehicle called the Deacon. Sorry. I’m a self confessed tank bore. Great site though. 🙂

    1. Cheers Brian, No surprise at all. A keen military buff as a lad and the builder of many a 1:35 scale AFV, a regular frequenter of Bovi, Duxford and Lambeth. Also spent my time sittin in a hole in the ground drinking NATO standard awaiting the Red Menace that never appeared. Much the same in the way of a bore myself. Recently spent a fair amount of time researching the differences in the crew protection packages in the later Chieftain Mk’s for a model building buddy… Needs to get out more 😀

  2. Love these photos, Lee, these are really something else – a good break away from what most blogs that I look at usually post!

    Also, haven’t heard from you for sometime – hope you’re fine! Adrian

    1. Cheers Adrian. Yep all good cheers just have been very very busy in other areas and also kinda ran out of photo-Oompff! for a while. Back now and shall try to make regular posts 🙂

    1. Cheers! Yes I picked up SEFP2 last year and its now my “go to” mono software. Having to reign in my urge to go mad with the sliders, its so tempting 🙂

  3. Wow! Unbelievably captivating photos on so many levels. These women are models, you say? Not military? I tell you I would feel very safe having these women protecting our shores! Looks to me like they wouldn’t even need the tanks.

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