A Shadow over Happisburgh.

I’m a big fan of ole H.P . .  Thats Lovecraft not the sauce. . . . .  Well thats not actually true as I am a huge fan of the sauce as well. A sossige sammich just aint the same without some H.P. IMHO.  Now there seems to be  two camps in the sauce war, (Yes there is a sauce war) those whom prefer Brown sauce (H.P.) or those whom prefer Tomato, or those who say brown for sossige and red for bacon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I however am not one of these, I take the rebel libertarian stance and cover my sammiches, chip,s puddings in all manner of saucy sacrilege. mayo on chips! Yay! Go for it!  A big box of meat and chips from the Kebab house smothered in Burger and chilli sauce, and then shaken like a flamenco maracas to ensure a proper level of coating of every morsel, Get in! Rules are there to be broken     (If you’ve seen my photographical efforts you will already know this ) Hot sauce with bacon, and I’m sorry to say Salad cream on every thing, those squeezy bottles just make you WANNA!

Ahem! I digress.

Yes, H.P. Lovecraft, I’m a big fan. Love the mental imagery of the New England fishing villages, “A Shadow over Innsmouth” the dark eerie moody horror that he conveys. When someone asks who is my biggest inspiration photographically I won’t peel of a list of famous photographers, i’ll just say “Lovecraft!”

So I was up that Norfolk place the other day and I thought I’d give ole Happisburgh a look before it all totally falls in the sea. Twas a grim stormy day and the rain was a leakin in all over the shop, just right for what I wanted, What do you lovely people reckon? LoveCrafty ?

A Shadow Over Happisburgh ©LeeThornberry 2012
A Shadow Over Happisburgh 2 ©LeeThornberry 2012

There are some loverly splotches of rain on the lens, which I left on for effect. Ive deliberately under exposed and gone for a low angle to give the impression of distance and then given them a good old smack around the chops with the vignette fairy.

DOOM AND GLOOM! its the the way forward 🙂

37 Replies to “A Shadow over Happisburgh.”

  1. I think this sinister attitude might mean a great photographic influence or you are off your meds.
    Come to Webster (Where Life is Worth Living). All fine eating establishments (worth going to) have their own hot sauce that you can’t get anywhere else. Some of it is actually good!

    1. I’m never off my meds, That nice Dr at the Tavern make sure I’m always topped up 🙂 Webster (Were life is worth living) sounds cool. They have just tagged the county where I live as “The Curious County” The local Members of Parliament are all gettin there knickers in a twist about it. I think its really cool 🙂

    2. Are you from Rochester??? A long long time ago I lived in Rochester and one of the suburbs was Webster, Where Life is Worth Living – which I suppose compared to Rochester itself was not untrue… still… Webster – haven’t thought of it for years and might never think of it again!

  2. Aye, doom and gloom. You did a great job of displaying gloom.
    On an unrelated topic, would you possibly give me a brief idea of your workflow after you take your shots, ie how do you download (program etc.), how do you store (number of copies, online or off). I’m just getting back into photography and my current challenge is to find the smoothest means to get photos off the camera and store.
    I appreciate any guidance you could offer,

    1. Blimey! Well I spose I probably start by shooting everything in RAW format. Then I have specific folders set up in LR4 but the same could be set up in any archive software. Once I take the card from the camera I transfer all the images to the first folder which is

      1RAW to be sorted
      In this folder I basically scrutinise every image and generally delete a good many. I then add meta data and keywords and place them in one of two folders, either 2Pool images or 3Further Processing.

      2Pool images.
      This is the major archive A-Z, Automobiles, Boats, Coffins, What ever filing system works.

      3Further Processing
      Anything that immediately looks the part gets moved here, and other items at a later date. images here are then processed the hell out of til I like em 🙂 Then they go to

      4Finished images
      Here are the finished Master images with all meta data in their own folders.
      from here they can be resized and sent to other folders for my website and blog etc etc
      or for print.

      I have separate folders for my blog and website or I get all confused.

      The main software I use or processing is LR4, and then Silver Efex 2 and Photoshop.

      I store all the images on my imac which also backs them up daily for me on an external drive, and I copy that as often as I can to another drive which I keep as a spare just in case.
      This works for me but its all a matter of trial and error and common sense i guess. It took me ages to get the hang of LR4 but now its the main software I go to for cataloging and developing my images.

      Hope that helped

      Cheers 🙂

      1. It does help indeed. I can see merits in your system for sure. Currently I’m keeping copies of photos both before and after they’re edited, takes more time and will get confusing I’m sure.
        If you’re up to further probing, what about your family/personal type photos. You don’t shoot them RAW too do you? You file them the same way?
        I do appreciate your help. If you rather me do my questioning a different way just shoot me an email.

        1. No probs. I have a separate folder just called “my life” for all my personal images, and yes I shoot em RAW as well. I prefer to shoot RAW as its lossless and you can always reset. I save all processed as Tiff and Jpeg. But all the RAW files are still retained so I can go back at any stage and faff about with them.

  3. Pizza and salad cream – don’t knock it until you tried it.
    Nice pics.
    I am scared to google ‘Lovecraft’

  4. Staying strictly on photo and off sauce I like the sky of the first shot and the foreground of the second. I also like brown and red sauce, but haven’t tried them together….YET!

  5. These shots are so aptly dark and gloomy; perfect for this time of the year with Halloween around the corner. I can sort of see a Lovecraft appearance here (sans Cthulhu), but I do see more of a Stephen King nuance. It may be Happisburgh but it does look like parts of Maine.

  6. (1) Great images, love the sky in the first one especially. Intense, gloomy and doomy. (2) Agree with most of your comments about sauces – always brown on sausage sandwiches and red on a burger (sometimes with mustard and garlic mayo – don’t knock it!) But I’m afraid salad cream is the devil’s condiment… (3) Lovecraft? Not familiar with his work… will google immediately.

  7. Aha! A fellow fan Mr. Lovecraft, indeed it shows!
    I started reading HPL when I was in high school and still go back and revisit him often, in particular I love the fevered madness of the dream cycles which your graveyard photos really remind me of.
    As for the sauce, I’ll pass thanks. The only sauce I am for is beverages of the alcohol variety!

    love this pair of photos, a computer screen doesn’t do them justice!

    1. Cheers 🙂 Yes I’m gettin stuck in to the necronomicon at present. Lots of inspiration in its pages. Once I can get one of the cats in to a cthulhu mask I think I will have cracked it 🙂

  8. Tried to check the lone Lovecraft book from the local library, but the person who currently has it checked out is refusing to give it back. I may have to resort to paying money to read a book–heresy!

  9. Happisburgh. A place name that a very lovely Danish girl I worked with in 1990/91 just would not believe was pronounced ‘Hazeboro’. “No”, she’d say, in better English than most English people use, ”It is written on the map as ‘Happy’s burg’, so how is it pronounced ‘Hazeboro’? I’d then annoy her by pointing to Kent in the road atlas, to a place marked ‘Trottiscliffe’. A man in our office came from the nearby village of Coldrum, and I’d ask him to read the place name out to my Danish colleague. “Troseley” he’d say, and she’d look at us as if we were mental. Happy days, winding up accountancy staff… HP Sauce, the best of British… now made in Holland. (sigh). HP Lovecraft, just read his entire oeuvre for the nth time, and still raising the hairs on the back of my neck. I first read him when I was about 11, a short story called ‘The Tomb’, and which ensured I left my light on at night. Amusingly for me, are his place names, which are New England towns, with the nearest town to the coastal town of Innsmouth being Ipswich. If you were to transcribe those towns to the UK, that would make the terrifyingly inbred Innsmouth into Felixstowe. Hmm. That would explain plenty… And our Dunwich is as sinister as Lovecraft’s American one, if not more so. He’d have loved it, I’m sure. : )

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