A Horse Called Magic

Not been able to do as much Blog wise as had I wanted of late. Far too busy busy busy.  Here be an image for you to critique. Found a friendly horse by the name of Magic up in that that Norfolk place. He was a very friendly and photogenic beastie. There’s lots a goin on it’s a very busy image with ducks and gulls all over the shop. If you look hard enough you will probably find Wally, or Waldo or what ever the stripey jerseyed buffoon is called, If you do let me know and I shall clone stamp him to death 🙂

A Horse called Magic ©LeeThornberry 2012

13 Replies to “A Horse Called Magic”

  1. Nice looking horse, though with horses, I usually stick to the old maxim that they are like babies: dangerous at both ends. And as for Wally, I usually see, every night, on my way to work, this numpty dressed exactly the same as him. The urge to mount the kerb, run him over and then shout out: ”FOUND HIM!”, is almost unbearable. But no court in the land would convict me. ; )

    1. I have never been a huge fan of horses and like em best on t’other side of the fence. . . Bonus points if you bring in his bobble hat, head still attached 🙂

  2. What simply charming image, I love it a little HDR going on here? Love the way the horse breaks the horizon too, makes me want to be there, lovely 🙂

    1. Beautiful horse. Nope no intentional HDR effects just a bit too much of the structure sliders in silver efex pro2. Slight haloing of the horizon. Ive toned down the finished image a wee bit for the website. Cheers 🙂

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