Luminous castles and glowing grain.

A Bootiful morning appeared out of nowhere the t’other day, so I dug my head outta the books and did a runner up the coast with Mr Nikon. I had an idea of gettin my self over to that there Orford Castle and flingin meself about, was thunkin panoramic. Now one of the things I like about old Orford castle is that its built from a light coloured stone that catches the Sun/Moonlight and really glows. Sunsets and sunrises make it almost luminous, its a sight to behold . . . . and its quite near a pub. What with the creaky bones and the unique “fall over a lot” aspect of my photographic style a medicinal pint of ale comes in handy every now and then.

So I get myself out there and its a truly glorious morning. I start off stumbling about and gettin in some handheld shots and only fell over twice. At this point I realise I’m a shooting with the ISO settings still at 1000 from the previous night. Doh! AnyHoo long story short once processed the images shot at high ISO’s were really interesting, lots of filmy type grain and all blowy and spooky. So I played around with the brightness bringing it right down in the shadows and midtones, which turned the sky almost black and made the castle really glow against it. Really pleased with the results. Tried one of the images with a subtle blue tone which adds to eerie effect. We like eerie

Orford Castle ©LeeThornberry 2012
Orford Castle Blue Tone ©LeeThornberry 2012

33 Replies to “Luminous castles and glowing grain.”

  1. Obviously a happy accident (forgetting to reset the ISO). Great results. The Tower looks like it’s in bas-relief. Makes for a cool 3-D effect.

  2. Great polarizing of the sky without use of a red filter. I love it when that happens. It certainly has the most impact with the straight monochrome shot.

    Really nice work!

  3. Great shot – reminds me of infrared. The contrast is superb, really brings the image to life and I just love the curve of that foreground.

  4. Well, if you’re going for eerie, seems to me you have to go with the blue, though both are super with a b! Superb!

  5. Lovely shots!!! And I’m glad I’m not the only one that regularly trips or falls over 😉

  6. Hi there, I have nominated your blog for an award, check out my recent post on Knitter’s Notebook to find out all about it.

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