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Ladies in Pants on a Clergyman

Ladies in pants on a clergyman I hear you gasp . . . . On an Abbott no less!  . . .  In fact an Abbot FV433 105mm Self Propelled Gun. Now thats not something you see everyday, well if it is I’m in the wrong job!

Tank Commander. FocxShoot.  ©LeeThornberry 2012

Sentry. FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012

Crew1 FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012

Crew2 FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012

Crew3 FocxShoot ©LeeThornberry 2012

Crew4 FocxShoot. ©LeeThornberry 2012

Crew5 FocxShoot. ©LeeThornberry 2012