Sepia Selenium Cyanotype . . . Theres a song in there somewhere!

Lots more fiddling with the sliders, Oh I loves a good fiddle me. Went to a historical military Doo Dah a couple of years back in aid of the charity Help for Heroes. Was a great bash with loads of re enactment types ranging from Hoplites through to WWII, lots of photo opportunities, and the old re enactors really dont mind you getting in their face, and strike poses all over the shop, great fun.

Now, in a previous post,    I got me hapless subjects holding long poses in order to get a bit of a wobble on so as to add a wee bit of that there authentic orthochromatic wibbly wobbly look. I was trying for the orthochromatic look, lightens blues and darkens reds, after I red an article in the “Black and White Photography” magazine, and thought that I would give it a bash. I used several presets in various software packages, once I had achieved the look that I was after, to add grain or tone and all in all I was fairly pleased with the results.

With that in mind I wanted to try and improve on past efforts. Delving in the archives I came a cross a set of images of the victorian, Crimea era, Lancers. Now the re enactors were pretty tip top at gettin the authenticity right, but when taking images, full glaring colour does seem a bit incongruous as you have to remember that photography in that era was blokes in top hats lugging around massive great wooden camera bodies and tripods, and pretty much still in its infancy. So I had a go at trying to mimick some of the Crimean war photographs that I have seen. Good examples of those taken by pioneering photographer Roger Fenton can be seen here  There are some cracking Beards and sideys a goin on in some of them.

Lancers Colour Original
Lancers Sepia

First of all after the initial mono conversion I tried a light sepia (above). I then tried a selenium tone which I personally found more pleasing. I then added some grain and some white vignetting (below).

Lancers Selenium

But after looking at the Fenton images I took a rubberized mallet to the sliders to get the really heavily sepia’d effect below. I think all it needs now is creasing up and some dirt and scratch effects, I was going to dig out some textures and give  it some blending but not enough time today, so I shall leave it out for the cats 🙂

Lancers Heavy Sepia

Lots more practice (fiddling) needed I fear, good job I do it for the love 🙂